In her video channel, Karen shares her thoughts on the intersection between health and technology...

How To Price Online Health Consultations

When you adapt your face to face consultations into the online space, how do you adapt your pricing model accordingly? In this video i share what has worked for us, which will hopefully help you to make your own decisions around pricing for teleconsultations.

The Public Wants More Content From 'Real' Health Professionals

As respected and registered health professionals, i see it as our duty of care to ensure that the information going out into the public is of a high standard.

THIS is why we need to put ourselves out there more...

How To Choose A Telehealth Video Platform

If you are providing telehealth consultations, how do you choose a video platform? Here are the questions i would ask to work out the best one.

Telehealth Terminology in Allied Health

In this video Physiotherapist and telehealth practitioner Karen Finnin discusses the semantics of the term 'telehealth'

An update on private health insurance rebates for telehealth consultations

Are you wondering about private health insurance rebates for allied health teleconsultations? Here is an update

How to add subtitles to your health videos

Are you wondering how to get that writing at the bottom of your videos?

A nifty way to organise journal articles you have collected

If you have a folder full of journal articles, you may want to put them to much better use.

How do you decide country of origin for teleconsultations?

In a teleconsultation, is the country of origin for regulation purposes taken from the origin of the patient or the origin of the therapist?

Telehealth Follow Up for Health Professionals

Part 5 of 5. The all important follow up process for online Physiotherapy consultations.

Telehealth Exercise Prescription for Health Professionals

Part 4 of 5. Formulating the rehabilitation plan and prescribing exercises in an online Physiotherapy consultation.

Telehealth Video Call for Health Professionals

Part 3 of 5. How i go about the video call component of an online Physiotherapy consultation.

Telehealth Objective Assessment for Health Professionals

Part 2 of 5. How i have transitioned the Physiotherapy objective assessment to the online space.

Telehealth Subjective Assessment for Health Professionals

This is part 1 of a 5 part series explaining exactly how the online Physiotherapy consultation process works at Online Physio. This episode is all about transitioning the subjective assessment online.

Dealing with negative feedback

The more you build your community, and the more content you create for social media, the more likely you are to receive negative feedback. This is my plan for dealing with any that may come my way this year.

Is Telehealth Destroying the Physiotherapy Profession?

I was asked this question the other day, and this was my response.

Gadgets: Nail your audio for video content

For health professionals developing video content or live streaming, a microphone will make for much better quality end result. In this vid i share what i use - the lavalier Smartlav lapel mic. This is not a sponsored post.

Gadgets: A Tool to Light Up Your Content

This low cost selfie light is a great tool for health business owners to use to improve the quality of content they create on the fly.

Gadgets: Review of Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker

As a health professional, it is useful to stay up to date with the gadgets your patients may be using. Learn more about the Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker. This is not a sponsored post, i just love using mine.

Gadgets: The  Apple watch for health professionals

The Apple watch has key features that can make it useful to your patients and also useful to you as a health professional. Initially a skeptic, I have been surprised at how useful mine has become.

Using Video Content In Your Health Business:

Video is the most watched and acted upon content on the internet, so all health business owners need to be creating video content. It's not as difficult as you think...

Building Your personal profile to promote your health business:

These days more than ever, people buy from people. Consumers want to the the story...and the person...behind the health service or business they are dealing with. Time to pimp your personal brand...

Should you be using an online booking system in your health service?:

Are you tossing up whether to get an online booking system for your health business? You need to watch this first...

Use email to grow your patient tribe in your health business:

Have you ever sent an email out to your valued clients? Do you regularly send them valuable information to remind them how amazing you are? If not, you need to watch this video...

Draw people to your health business before they even know they need you:

Traditionally, demand for our health service relied on people being sick, injured or unhealthy in some way. It's time we shifted our skills and mindset to helping people before they need our traditional services...