In her video channel, Karen shares her thoughts on the intersection between health and technology...

Telehealth Safety During COVID19

We have an opportunity to shine a light on telehealth right now, but we MUST get it right.

Regulators, insurers and health consumers will be watching on...

Telehealth Fast Track Due to COVID19

Many health professionals have made the decision to fast track their transition to telehealth practice as a result of COVID19.

In this video i share my top 3 tips for people currently making this transition.

Palpation Assessment Via Telehealth

So how do you collect palpation based information when you are assessing a client via telehealth, and can't put your hands on them? By thinking differently, that's how I share some cool tips in this video.

Observation Assessment via Telehealth

Performing an objective assessment on a patient online can feel daunting at first.

In this video I share how to get started with the first step - a really thorough observation of your patient and the body part in question.

Telehealth Travel Considerations

Running a digital health practice gives you great flexibility, but is travelling and working all it cracked up to be?

There is a lot more to travelling and consulting than banana lounges and passport stamps. It can be a logistical challenge, and a total disaster if you don't consider these things first.

Equipment Considerations for Telehealth While Travelling

A big reason we get into telehealth is to have flexibility over the location that we work from. Just make sure you have the right equipment to take on the road with you so that your consultations continue to be professional quality.

In this video I share my favourite bits of kit to take on the road.

Legal Intervention for Telehealth Regulation in Indiana

In 2016, a law was passed permitting telehealth practice in Indiana, but it contained a clause that banned the use of online consultations to prescribe eyewear.
With most states in the US allowing telehealth optical consultations, an optical company in Indiana is now pushing back on this law. This company points out that the ban was put in place by bricks and mortar optical practices that didn't want the online competition. It was NOT put in place to protect the public, which is what regulation is supposed to do.
Hear my thoughts on this case in this video.

Legal Intervention For Telehealth Regulation In Canada

There has been an ongoing debate internationally about where an online health consultation is considered to be occurring for regulatory purposes.

Is it where the therapist is located, or where the patient is located?

Currently in Canada and the US, they say it is where the patient is located.

I therefore found this legal case that I came across recently very interesting. A must watch for those looking to do inter-jurisdictional consultations.

Stable and Roaming Cameras For Your Telehealth Patient

This is a simple tip to help your patient switch between stable and roaming cameras for your telehealth consultation.

Great Telehealth Camera Solution

Lately I have been working on improving the flow of my video consultations. How do I keep my camera steady and eye level at the start, to connect and built rapport, and then transition professionally to an open area if I need to demonstrate or explain things, particularly if I am talking about the lower body or if I need to get down on the floor?

Well I'm excited to share a new gadget with you. Watch the video and let me know what you think!

6 Great Service Examples From The Australian Telehealth Conference

Previously like hen's teeth, there are now a proliferation of examples of well executed telehealth service models across Australia and the world.
These were the ones I really enjoyed hearing about at the conference.

3 Things Missing From The Australian Telehealth Conference

For me, there were a few glaring omissions from the recent Australian Telehealth Conference.

In this video, I share them with you.

5 Key Themes from the Australian Telehealth Conference

I recently attended the Australian Telehealth Conference. It was really interesting.

These are the 5 key themes that I took away from it.

The Ultimate Telehealth Course

From security to safety, from video software to gadgets, 'How To Set Up Your Telehealth Service' will equip you with everything I have learned over 7+ years running an entirely online digital practice.

It might be worth checking our course description to see if it could fast track your journey.

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Telehealth

Are you confused about the terms 'synchronous' and 'asynchronous' in digital practice?

What about 'store and forward'?

This short video should help.

Telehealth And Your Payment Gateway

Are you setting up a digital practice and are a bit confused as to where in the process to put your payment gateway, and what to use?

There are lots of great options. In this video I get stuck right into telehealth and payment gateways.

It's riveting stuff! No really!

Data Security In Digital Practice

As health professionals, we all have a responsibility to keep patient data safe, but how do data security requirements differ across the world?

And where should we be looking to for best practice?

Join me as I try and tease out global data security standards in this video.

Green Screen For Healthcare

Join me on my first foray into using a green screen for health applications.

Ever wondered how the sharemarket commentator on the news is always standing in front a perfectly productive office?

Or how the weather lady points to parts of the country on a moving digital map?

The answer is a green screen, and there are lots of creative ways we could use one in digital practice.

Check it out.

Introducing Tallyfy

Every health business has repeatable steps that have to occur in order to complete a task or project. I have found Tallyfy to be really useful in systematising these steps so that everyone involved knows what they have to do and when.

From creating social media content to our online patient pathway, my shabby memory is no longer a barrier to great care as I have Tallyfy to constantly remind me where I'm at.

A Handy USB Light For Online Consultations

I braved Ikea the other day and came across this nifty USB LED light. It's the perfect thing to plug into your laptop for an online consultation on the go. Check it out.

An Instant Professional Background For Telehealth Calls

A professional background is so important in order to convey credibility on your telehealth calls. The reality is, however, that we are often at home, travelling, or even in a car! The Webaround is a great solution for controlling what your patients can see behind you. Check it out!

My Journey To Telehealth

In hindsight, telehealth was tapping me on my shoulder all the way through my physio career. In this video I visit the journey that compelled me to start an entirely online Physiotherapy practice.

Online Physio HQ Setup 2019

The physical set up of the area that you perform your telehealth consultations in is really important. Join me on a tour of my physical set up, including lighting, set design and even a bobblehead family!

Sydney University Graduation Ceremony 2018

What a fabulous opportunity.

This year I was kindly asked to present the occasional address at the 2018 Graduation Ceremony for The University of Sydney's School of Health Sciences.

How do you sum up a 20 year career, and distill that down to helpful advice for a group of people at the biggest turning point in their working lives?

No mean feat. But this little black sheep was up for the challenge...

Record Keeping For Online Health Consultations

I have had some interesting conversations lately regarding medical record keeping in telehealth.

What are the requirements?

What are the opportunities?

Watch to find out how you can decide what works best for you and your digital practice.

The 5 Best Things About Being A Telehealth Practitioner

Following on from my video on the 5 Worst Things About Being A Telehealth Practitioner, I couldn't resist but make this counter video.

Because telehealth is awesome, and I'll take any excuse to preach!

The 5 Worst Things About Being A Telehealth Practitioner

It's not all pina coladas and cocktails folks. Sorry to ruin your illusion of telehealth.

In this video I share the 5 most challenging things about my life as a telehealth practitioner.

Forewarned is forearmed!

What Is Cyber Insurance And Do You Need It?

Cyber Insurance. Who knew?

I was recently chatting to an insurance broker and he brought up the topic of Cyber Insurance.

You could be mistaken for thinking it's insurance for your Cyborg Robots, but it's not.

Anyone with a business that has a website and collects client details needs to know about this.

Watch the video to find out more...

The Unsung Heroes Of The Telehealth World

I was watching a new Australian docu-reality series the other day and it his my like a freight train.

These people are the unsung heroes of the telehealth world.

Watch the video to find out who i am talking about...

Creating Seamless Digital Patient Flow

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about what systems I use for digital practice, and how I connect them together. It is so important that this digital systems' journey is smooth for your patient. Learn more about my process, and which parts I automate, and which parts are done manually:

Templates To Systematise Digital Practice

If you have set up your online consultation service, and are starting to get patients and enquiries, it could be time to make it much more efficient. By setting up templates in 3 key areas of your business, you'll save time. money and frustration. Let me show you how:

How To Make An IGTV Episode?

Are you wanting to jump on the IGTV bandwagon, but finding it tricky to edit, export and upload vertical video? I had the same problem, and this is a cheap easy hack that i used to solve the problem:

Screen Lighting Hack

If you use your desktop computer for video calls, consultations or meetings, you may have faced lighting frustration before. How you you make sure the lighting shows your face clearly, without getting in your way, any time of the day or night? I have the ultimate screen lighting hack for you:

Are Telehealth Consultations Right For You?

Creating a telehealth service is not just about working from a banana lounge in Bali. There are a number of considerations you must make before determining if your telehealth idea could work or not. Here are the key things that you need to address before you pass 'GO'.

Are You Telehealth Ready?

So you're ready to launch your telehealth service. How exciting! Before you do, make sure to complete this important 'punch list' to ensure you have dotted all your 'i's and crossed all your 't's. Are You Telehealth Ready? Is a checklist designed to help you to complete all the tasks required before launching your allied health telehealth service? Watch the video to find out more:

Telehealth Service Viability Survey

If you have an idea for a telehealth business, make sure that you have covered all of your bases. I designed the Telehealth Service Viability Survey to pressure test your idea. This will let you know if you're onto a winner, or if you may need to think a few more things through first.

Will AI Diagnostics Put Health Professionals Out Of Work?

With truckloads of money currently pouring into digital health, it can be easy to feel the impending doom of computers putting health professionals out of work. Will an artificially intelligent bot one day do all of our diagnosing for us? Maybe, but here are my thoughts on why I'm not worried about it...

Who Do I Not Treat Online

Sometimes we can get very caught up in thinking if all of the things we can treat online, without really stopping to appreciate what we can't. In this video I go through what patients I don't treat online.

How To Pick The Right Niche For Your Telehealth Service

The beauty of developing an online consultation model is that you can reach more people than you could with a brick and mortar practice. The downside is that so can everyone else. By developing a clear niche for your telehealth service, you will be more likely to 'cut through' with a certain group of people. The online consultation space will soon get very crowded, so make sure you are going to stand out.

IGTV For Health Professionals

As health professionals, we know it is important to make video content to connect with our patients and potential patients. It is also important that your video content is being posted to the platforms where your target patients are most likely to be hanging out. If you cater to an Instagram using demographic, then you might need to flip your camera back to portrait mode and get onto InstagramTV (IGTV). Let me tell you more...

Turning Telehealth Into Digital Practice

I have always thought that the term 'telehealth' was a bit dated. I mean, does it mean we do health consultations on the telephone? No we don't; online consultations are far more than that. Anyway, it turns out I am not the only one that thinks this way. We discussed the term 'telehealth' in the Task force I am part of, and we came up with something better. Watch to find out more.

Telehealth Legal and Safety Measures

The main thing other health professionals worry about when considering telehealth consultations is 'Are they safe?'. Well I can hand on heart tell you they are. Here are some of the things that we have in place to ensure a safe experience for both therapist and patient.

Update On The Telehealth Course

As some of you may know, I am currently working on a course to help allied health professionals in private practice to get started in telehealth. The great thing is, the content has been shaped by all of you, with answers to all of the questions that i have been asked over the years. I am also including things no one has thought to ask - secrets of the trade, so to speak. You can hear more about it in this video. I will have launch dates for you real soon, so watch this space.

How I Became An Amazon Bestselling Author

This year i was a contributing author on a book that hit Amazon Bestseller status. Very exciting! Find out how this happened, and what i had to do to get there (Hint: a very, very, VERY long walk).

Is There Enough Demand For Telehealth Services?

People ask me if there is enough demand for online health services. For an industry in it's infancy, this is a valid concern. In this video, I share my thoughts.

Video Call Set Up

Take a tour through the physical set up that i use for my video calls and telehealth consultations.

How To Price Online Health Consultations

When you adapt your face to face consultations into the online space, how do you adapt your pricing model accordingly? In this video i share what has worked for us, which will hopefully help you to make your own decisions around pricing for teleconsultations.

The Public Wants More Content From 'Real' Health Professionals

As respected and registered health professionals, i see it as our duty of care to ensure that the information going out into the public is of a high standard.

THIS is why we need to put ourselves out there more...

How To Choose A Telehealth Video Platform

If you are providing telehealth consultations, how do you choose a video platform? Here are the questions i would ask to work out the best one.

Telehealth Terminology in Allied Health

In this video Physiotherapist and telehealth practitioner Karen Finnin discusses the semantics of the term 'telehealth'

An update on private health insurance rebates for telehealth consultations

Are you wondering about private health insurance rebates for allied health teleconsultations? Here is an update

How to add subtitles to your health videos

Are you wondering how to get that writing at the bottom of your videos?

A nifty way to organise journal articles you have collected

If you have a folder full of journal articles, you may want to put them to much better use.

Telehealth Follow Up for Health Professionals

Part 5 of 5. The all important follow up process for online Physiotherapy consultations.

Telehealth Exercise Prescription for Health Professionals

Part 4 of 5. Formulating the rehabilitation plan and prescribing exercises in an online Physiotherapy consultation.

Telehealth Video Call for Health Professionals

Part 3 of 5. How i go about the video call component of an online Physiotherapy consultation.

Telehealth Objective Assessment for Health Professionals

Part 2 of 5. How i have transitioned the Physiotherapy objective assessment to the online space.

Telehealth Subjective Assessment for Health Professionals

This is part 1 of a 5 part series explaining exactly how the online Physiotherapy consultation process works at Online Physio. This episode is all about transitioning the subjective assessment online.

Dealing with negative feedback

The more you build your community, and the more content you create for social media, the more likely you are to receive negative feedback. This is my plan for dealing with any that may come my way this year.

Is Telehealth Destroying the Physiotherapy Profession?

I was asked this question the other day, and this was my response.

Gadgets: Nail your audio for video content

For health professionals developing video content or live streaming, a microphone will make for much better quality end result. In this vid i share what i use - the lavalier Smartlav lapel mic. This is not a sponsored post.

Gadgets: A Tool to Light Up Your Content

This low cost selfie light is a great tool for health business owners to use to improve the quality of content they create on the fly.

Gadgets: Review of Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker

As a health professional, it is useful to stay up to date with the gadgets your patients may be using. Learn more about the Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker. This is not a sponsored post, i just love using mine.

Gadgets: The  Apple watch for health professionals

The Apple watch has key features that can make it useful to your patients and also useful to you as a health professional. Initially a skeptic, I have been surprised at how useful mine has become.

Using Video Content In Your Health Business:

Video is the most watched and acted upon content on the internet, so all health business owners need to be creating video content. It's not as difficult as you think...

Building Your personal profile to promote your health business:

These days more than ever, people buy from people. Consumers want to the the story...and the person...behind the health service or business they are dealing with. Time to pimp your personal brand...

Should you be using an online booking system in your health service?:

Are you tossing up whether to get an online booking system for your health business? You need to watch this first...

Use email to grow your patient tribe in your health business:

Have you ever sent an email out to your valued clients? Do you regularly send them valuable information to remind them how amazing you are? If not, you need to watch this video...

Draw people to your health business before they even know they need you:

Traditionally, demand for our health service relied on people being sick, injured or unhealthy in some way. It's time we shifted our skills and mindset to helping people before they need our traditional services...