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online.physio is no longer taking patients

Online.Physio is no longer accepting patients for online physiotherapy consultations.

If you require an online physiotherapy consultation, perform an online search for 'online physiotherapy' or 'telehealth physiotherapy' alongside your country and/or state.

Digital healthcare options are growing and expanding rapidly.

In 2011, Physiotherapist Karen Finnin launched Online.Physio, Australia’s first entirely online private Physiotherapy Practice.

Karen's experience with Online.Physio became incredibly valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic. She assisted hundreds of allied health professionals across the world in making the transition to telehealth in response to the pandemic.

Karen feels thankful that the silver lining of the pandemic has been a dramatic increase in the number of digital healthcare options available to health consumers worldwide.

This, paired with her passion for mentoring health professionals, has led Karen to closing the doors of Online.Physio to patients after a decade of service.

Karen now focuses on supporting fellow allied health professionals in their digital health journeys.

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