There are a number of ways that Karen can assist small to medium service based businesses in the health industry.

Karen's focus is always on clear cut strategies, affordable tools and 'set and forget' implementation.


Karen's online courses are a great way to learn the processes, tips and tools required to make technology based improvements to your health service. Learn when and where it suits you.


In a keynote presentation Karen can inspire health professionals to think differently, embrace technology and work smarter to future proof themselves and their health business.


Work with Karen in a more personalised way to implement technology solutions for your health business. This is a great way to make effective change in a short space of time.


Learn what is important to you at a time and location of your choosing with Karen's comprehensive online training programs.

How to Set Up A Telehealth Service

This program is designed to give allied health professionals all of the clinical, legal, safety and technological considerations required to launch a successful telehealth service.

How To Market Your Telehealth Business

This program is designed to guide you through simple steps to get started with branding, content creation and marketing for your digital practice. Ideal for private practitioners looking to grow.

Bundle to save: Telehealth Start Up Bundle

Bundle How To Set Up a Telehealth Service with How To Market Your Telehealth Business for the ultimate guide to developing your telehealth service and marketing your digital practice.


Karen works personally with a selected number of health businesses each year.

Karen's consulting falls into two main categories:


Karen will coach you to develop and launch your own digital practice. You will be in charge of all implementation, unless you add on custom 'Implementation Options'.


Karen and her team of experts will implement the logisitics of your digital practice, from website design and development, to customised forms and templated procedures.

Mentor Packages

The Launcher

  • SUITABLE FOR: Solo practitioners at the start of their telehealth journey
  • 1 hour one on one session
  • 1 month of email support
  • Ongoing access to 'How To Launch A Telehealth Business' program
  • Ongoing access to 'How To Grow Your Digital Practice' program

The Fast Starter

  • SUITABLE FOR: Health professionals looking to ramp and grow their digital practice
  • 3 x 1 hour one-on-one sessions
  • 3 months of email support
  • Ongoing access to 'How To Launch A Telehealth Business' program
  • Ongoing access to 'How To Grow Your Digital Practice' program
  • Personalised strategy plan and monthly goal setting

The Game Changer

  • SUITABLE FOR: Health businesses looking to develop and launch a telehealth strategy
  • Up to 6 x 1 hour one-on-one sessions
  • 3 months of email support
  • Ongoing team access to 'How To Launch A Telehealth Business' program
  • Ongoing team access to 'How To Grow Your Digital Practice' program
  • Personalised strategy plan and monthly goal setting
  • A presentation session for your team
  • Online consultation workflow templated
  • Training package famework for your team

Implementation Options

All mentor packages can include the optional 'Done For You' add ons:

Price on Application
  • Logo design and brand toolkit for your digital practice
  • New website built as the 'virtual shopfront' for your digital practice
  • For existing websites, work with your web team to make appropriate changes
  • Appropriate video software selected and integrated
  • Form builder software set up and pre filled with your required intake forms and templates
  • Payment gateway set up and integrated
  • eMarketing platform set up with templates for your needs
  • Company intranet set up to house your systems and processes
  • Copy written for website and brochures
  • Promotional video created for your telehealth service

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Karen pairs her business and health experience with her highly developed technology skills to assist businesses to develop systems, automate processes and improve productivity.

The ultimate outcome is a business that relies less on direct ‘time for money’ service provision, and instead derives income, efficiency and fun, from free to low cost digital tools.

health industry insider

years of experience

time saving advice and tools

improved productivity

increased profitability

enjoyable process

What Karen's clients have to say...


"I'm just so grateful Karen started Online Physio because it meant I could still receive treatment when I was travelling overseas. Geography is no longer a barrier to managing my injury thanks to Online Physio"
Tegan Mathews, Currently in France


"Our recent live event in Melbourne wouldn’t have been as successful without Karen’s passion, insight and energy. She gives a great and dynamic presentation and is a pleasure to work alongside. I have absolutely no qualms recommending her presentation style and look forward to future work together."
Mark Merolli, Melbourne

Zoe and MM copy

"Karen has shown me how to expand my canine physio service to reach patients worldwide, even while i'm asleep. My business is better automated, but still has my personal touch and connection"
Michelle Monk, Dogs In Motion

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