How can we show up for our patients at the moment they make the decision to get better?


Gone are the days when all we did was wait for a patient to walk through the front door or phone the clinic.


Technology has given us amazing opportunities to be present for our potential patient before they have even decided to see a health professional.


If we can plant the seed for a better life for our potential patients via digital pathways, then we are more likely to be the service that they turn to when they decide to take action.


Here are 5 examples of times we try to show up for our patients at Online Physio, so that we are front of mind when they need a recovery partner:


  • Preventative information in the digital places they hang out

Thanks to technology, health professionals no longer need to wait for people to get sick or injured to be able to help. At Online Physio, by putting together guides and courses, we are currently focusing on helping a target population of digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs to be more mindful of laptop ergonomics to prevent them from developing injuries in the first place.


  • Feeling symptoms but scrolling Facebook for distraction

Once our potential patient has developed a niggle, they still may not feel that it is concerning enough to take action. Enter us, popping up in their Facebook feed, asking them questions that resonate completely with the way that they are feeling. One click away they can find a free foam roller program to help them to iron out their own kinks.



  • Googling health information

When pain starts interrupting their work, we know that our potential patients are likely to start googling health information online. By having a range of content available on topics such as ‘how to manage neck pain from laptop use’, we know that we are more likely to show up in their search results.


  • Answer to a quick question eg livechat

Once our potential patients have found our blog post, and then explored our website, we know that they may have a few questions that they would like answers to. Since installing a Livechat feature on our website, the number of inbound enquires has increased dramatically, and with instant, personalized ‘chat style’ responses to their questions, they are much more likely to initiate a consultation.


  • Initiating a consultation

When do people have idle time to look into managing their injury? Answer: when they are on a train, in a hair salon, at a café or waiting for a meeting. These are all times and locations when making a phone call may be inappropriate or uncomfortable. We ensure that patients can get started with their consultation through online forms and booking links.



Have you ensured that your health service is showing up for your potential patients when they need you? Are you showing up for them before they even know they need you? A pushy ad no longer works. You can only build a strong relationship with people through giving them great quality value and information over time. If you do that, you’ll make a fan for life.

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