Child free by choice: My business is my baby

I can’t help but feel that this is incredibly convenient for my entrepreneurial career.

Now before you all go on a social media rampage telling me that entrepreneurs can still be successful if they have children, don’t bother – I completely agree with you – they can be and they are. I witness this everyday. This post is simply casting a friendly light on a small subset of the population who are entrepreneurs and choose not to be parents.

At the start of the year my best friend had a baby, making her busier and happier than ever. At around the same time, some of my entrepreneurial projects really gained traction, making me busier and happier than ever too.

I have been observing with amusement the parallels between my best friend and I over the last 6 months. This is my light-hearted summary:

My best friend: New bub means she finds it hard to find time to shower.

Me: I sometimes get side-tracked by early morning messages, calls and projects and therefore forget to shower.


My best friend: New bub means she has been housebound and not able to go to many social engagements.

Me: Being really busy working from the home office has rendered me housebound and not able to go to many social engagements.


My best friend: Wakes frequently during the night to tend to baby.

Me: I wake frequently during the night to write down ideas.


My best friend: Worries about her child’s future and that she is being the best parent she can be.

Me: I worry about my business’ future and being the best leader I can be.

I love the entrepreneurial world because it doesn’t discriminate – success stories come from many personal landscapes: male, female, young, old, scraping for cash or rolling in it. There is room for anyone who is willing to solve problems and work hard enough.

But I’m here to fly the flag for the Child Free by Choice Entrepreneur. We’re passionate, flexible, focussed and consistent. Our business is our baby and will always come first (Ok ok, after our spouse and our dog).

I can plan for the future of my business knowing I will be available to oversee it, and I am happy… really happy – there is nothing missing from my life.

So I know what you’re thinking:  Who will look after me when I’m old? Well it won’t be my children of course…but with any luck, my successful empire will.

I would genuinely love to connect with other Child Free by Choice Entrepreneurs. If this is you (male or female), and you would love to share your journey with me, please comment below or if you prefer, email me privately at

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  1. Tanya Williams on September 27, 2017 at 9:00 am

    great blog. Well said from another Childfree entrepreneur

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